Hello and welcome!

My name is Lucinda Fifi. I am an Australian/Mauritian, currently unemployed, ex-fashion wholesale assistant with a Bachelor of Commerce who is obsessed with exploring the world! Having been to 20+ countries and currently on a one-year trip in Central & South America, I have accumulated some knowledge re itineraries, accommodation, transport etc.

I am always using blogs to find information and generally find what I’m looking for, however I have found there to be holes in some areas. Which is why I have started this blog, to give information on my experiences as well as what I think are the best or not best ways to do something.

This blog is for people who want travel to be made just that bit easier or if you’re like me, I hope to be one of your 10 million tabs, in the search for the best way to get from Viñales to Trinidad or the most perfect place to stay in San Marcos La Laguna. Whatever you’re looking, I hope you find my blog helpful.

Climbing volcanoes in New Zealand
Beaching on Isla Holbox
Swimming in cenotes in Mexico
Wandering the streets in Cuba
Absorbing the sights in Switzerland

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